15 mrt 2022 The importance of user adoption when implementing forklift safety solutions

To successfully implement new safety solutions, the health and safety professional needs to ensure user adoption. LoposAlert uses dynamic warning to reduce false alerts, resulting in better adoption by employees.

07 jan 2022 Increase forklift safety while avoiding unnecessary alerts with dynamic warning

Thanks to our dynamic warning we are able to minimize false warnings resulting in an environment where employees are happy to have the LoposAlert solution.

27 sep 2021 Lopos selected for the EU TRINITY robotics demonstration program 1

Lopos was one of the successful demonstrator programs in the EU TRINITY robotics open call for demonstration projects of 2020-2021. Read all about it in this article.

08 jul 2021 LoposAlert is selected for Expo 2020 Dubai’s Global Best Practice Programme

For 170 years, World Expo has provided a stage for impactful innovations around the globe. While 2020’s edition in Dubai continues that tradition, on world event that sprouted numerous new technologies cannot be ignored: the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re proud to announce that we’ve been selected and added to Dubai’s Global Best Practice Programme.

29 jan 2021 Lopos implements their technology within Maersk

Thanks to LoposAlert, Maersk Warehouse and Distribution can keep operations running, even when with the corona pandemic in full swing. And without endangering the health of their employees. Everyone keeps a safe distance, even unsupervised.

12 nov 2020 PwC adds our LoposAlert wearable to its Zone Check platform

As of today, our wearable solution LoposAlert has been integrated into the Zone Check platform by PwC’s global strategy consulting business. Zone Check is a modular business continuity tool including a management cockpit and a contact tracing app to ensure a controlled return to the workplace during COVID-19.

28 okt 2020 BBC Click covers the use of our wearables at the Krook in Ghent

At the Krook, a library in Ghent (Belgium), the visitors are all given a LoposAlert wearable to maintain a safe distance. Watch what the visitors and Jen Rossey, Lopos' CEO, have to say about using the device in this episode of BBC Click. Watch the video.

28 okt 2020 Spacewell is keeping employees healthy with LoposAlert

Spacewell is taking measures to keep employees safe and healthy, from stickers on the floor to alcohol gels and mouth masks. To kick it up a notch, they reached out to Lopos. They've now introduced the easy-to-use LoposAlert wearable in their office. Watch the video.

28 okt 2020 Maintaining a safe distance at Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Service

LoposAlert wearables are helping the Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Service to maintain a safe distance of 1.5 metres. Employees and visitors alike are given wearables to safeguard everyone’s health as much as possible.

28 okt 2020 Agoria working together at a safe distance

We all know we need to keep our distance these days, but doing so correctly is proving easier said than done. Agoria has found an efficient tool in the form of the LoposAlert wearables from Lopos, which have had an immediate effect in ensuring that everyone in the office stays the correct distance apart from each other at all times.

28 okt 2020 The Lopos story: who we are and how we got here

Lopos has come quite a long way from simply being a budding idea in the minds of some researchers to a full-blown start-up with a trialed, tested and certified wearable device – SafeDistance, now LoposAlert. This blog takes you through the journey we’ve been on to create this wearable that measures the distance between co-workers.