PwC adds our wearable to its Zone Check platform

As of today, our wearable solution LoposAlert has been integrated into the Zone Check platform by PwC’s global strategy consulting business. Zone Check is a modular business continuity tool including a management cockpit and a contact tracing app to ensure a controlled return to the workplace during COVID-19.

Allowing social distancing and contact tracing at work

The expansion of PwC Zone Check with our wearable allows for adherence to social distancing regulation in areas where bringing a smartphone is not allowed, restricted or impracticable. Our wearables are fully integrated into the Zone Check platform, thereby ensuring to cover all aspects of contact tracing and a seamless communication between the Zone Check app and the wearable.

The LoposAlert wearable device warns users by sending vibrating, visual and/or acoustic signals when the required minimum safe distance is disregarded. The technology inside the wearable is accurate up to 15 cm, ensuring a clear safety zone without false alarms.

“Employees often forget to adhere to the social distance as they return back to work. With LoposAlert from Lopos PwC will provide its Zone Check clients with a device that provides immediate feedback to their employees as they try to adhere to the government or company policies. The device is robust, safe, easy to use and can be worn on a lanyard or belt clip. It integrates seamlessly with the Zone Check platform for contact tracing should there be a COVID-19 infection” says Günther Reimann, Principal at Strategy&, a global strategy consulting business and a part of PwC. “We feel that Lopos have really nailed it with the most accurate, reliable and configurable social distance wearable in the market.”

PwC’s Zone Check in action at Rudolf GmbH in the German city of Geretsried near Munich.

Using ultra-wideband technology, we guarantee centimeter level accuracy as well as a long battery life. Our wearables furthermore support complex alarm logics: different alarm patterns can easily be implemented. Clients could opt for a warning by light at 2 meters proximity; add vibration at 1.50 m; and a loud sound, vibration plus a flashing light at 1 meter.