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our technology

01/ accurate positioning

Accuracy is important. Lopos is specialized in obtaining the highest possible accuracy for each use case. Using state of the art machine learning algorithms, we can reduce positioning errors significantly. To be able to do relevant animal behavior analysis, reliable position data is crucial.

02/ reliable sensor data

Positioning data is especially relevant when it can be correlated with sensor data (acceleration, temperature, ...). Our solution allows for real time adjustable update rates during events of interest.

Accelerometer data can be used to detect specific animal activity.

03/ cable free

Who wants cables? We don't. 
Installing cables for power or network is costly and not always possible. Installation is as easy as can be as no cabling is required for the anchors. This also enables installations in remote areas.

04/ low power

Ultra Wide Band technology can be very power hungry. Our innovative solution allows battery powered anchors with a lifetime of more than 1 year. The tag device on the animal can last for several months with a tiny battery, allowing animal research without interventions.


meet lopos

our story

Lopos is a spin-off from Ghent university and imec. After being active in positioning technology research for over 10 years, we decided to offer our unique solutions to the world. 

our vision

We see a lot of agriculture companies or research groups that have a need for reliable and accurate positioning solutions. We want to allow these companies to use state of the art positioning technology to enable their research.

our technology

Ultra Wide Band technology is a known accurate and stable positioning technology that has been in the market for several years. We stand out in the crowd with our cable free and energy efficient solution. Machine learning is applied to our technology to achieve the maximum performance.


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