Testimonial: Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Service

Maintaining a safe distance at Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Service

LoposAlert wearables are helping the Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Service to maintain a safe distance of 1.5 metres. Employees and visitors alike are given wearables to safeguard everyone’s health as much as possible.

Safety as a priority

Bud Pronk, Operational Manager at the Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Service’s facilities department, explains why they needed a social distancing tool: ‘Everyone understands that only a small number of our people can work from home, which is why we needed to transform the station into a safe workplace. The challenge was clear but at the same time difficult to overcome: our employees were simply sitting too close together. People often underestimate how far away 1.5 metres actually is. And our colleagues’ safety is a priority, so we needed to address this issue quickly.’

Keep your distance better

Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Service compared a number of solutions in its search for a social distancing tool. ‘We soon realised that working with Lopos would be best. The value they offer makes them stand out from the competition,’ says Pronk.

‘We’re now using the Lopos wearables in our PPE workplace, logistics centre, equipment department, offices and at our reception desk. We’ve clearly seen a positive evolution in maintaining a safe distance since we started using them. When people wear the device, they are immediately alerted when they get too close together and can quickly take a step back. I’ve had nothing but positive comments so far. The device makes everyone much more aware of the required distance.’

Visitors use them too

‘Our visitors, such as suppliers and representatives, are also given a device to wear upon arrival. We disinfect the wearables after each use to ensure the coronavirus isn’t transmitted from one visitor to the next. This is really easy – the LoposAlert devices are designed to be disinfected regularly. Simply wiping them with alcohol gel does the trick,’ says Pronk.

The chargeable battery in the LoposAlert wearables easily lasts for two full days. Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Service is also using the Lopos charging station so they can recharge multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring there are always plenty of wearables available.

Bud Pronk is enthusiastic about the Lopos devices. ‘The LoposAlert wearables are the ideal tool for complying with social distancing rules,’ he concludes.