Product features

Why choose the SafeDistance wearable?

SafeDistance is a wearable device from Lopos that uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to automatically measure the distance between people. It alerts them immediately if they come closer than the required distance.


SafeDistance can be configured using our app which connects to the SafeDistance wearable by Bluetooth. The social distancing parameters can be adjusted as can the measurement rate. You can even personalize the types (sound, vibration, light) and number of alerts you receive. SafeDistance can be easily reconfigured if guidelines on social distancing change.

No privacy issues

SafeDistance does not log any information whatsoever – no personal data or location details – and is therefore GDPR compliant by design. As such, there are no privacy concerns for your employees who can rest assured that no personal data is being stored or tracked. Rollout in your company can take place very quickly as unions and HR will have no issues supporting SafeDistance.

Ready to use

Simply switch on the SafeDistance wearable and you’re ready to go. There is no expensive infrastructure required such as beacons or gateways.

Future proof

We use over-the-air software updates to enable new features on your device. We are constantly adding to these social distancing features and working on other functions such as high-precision localization, collision avoidance, safety zones and access control.

Extremely accurate

In contrast to wearables that use conventional Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals for location tracking, SafeDistance uses ultra-wideband. UWB measures distances much more accurately, with an error margin of less than 15 centimetres. Bluetooth, in comparison, has an error margin of 2 to 5 metres. This means there are no false alarms when using SafeDistance. The wearable only alerts when you actually get too close.




Ultra-wideband technology

SafeDistance uses revolutionary ultra-wideband radio technology. Emitting low-energy signals at high speeds and bandwidth, UWB is uniquely suited for a location- and distance-tracking wearable compared to other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth.


Three alarm types

Three alarm types

SafeDistance has multiple types of alarms that are activated when social distancing is not respected: there is an audible beep (85 dBA), the device vibrates, and a red LED lights up. Administrators can choose to use just one of these alarms or any combination of the three at the same time.



Immediate feedback

Find out straight away if you get too close to someone. The distance between users is measured every 1.5 seconds, so there’s hardly any delay between the moment when the set distance is broken and the alarm being triggered. This immediate feedback helps you stick to social distancing guidelines better.

Long battery life

Long battery life

SafeDistance can remain active for 2 to 5 days on a single battery charge, even when the shortest measurement interval of 1.5 seconds is set. It takes just three hours to fully charge the device with the USB cable supplied. In sleep mode, battery life can last up to several years.

Always active

Always active

To ensure social distancing is respected at all times, SafeDistance cannot be switched off while in use as standard. Employees cannot switch the device off to prevent alarms from being triggered if they do not keep their distance. It is only switched off during charging or if it’s not used for a couple of hours.



SafeDistance is optimized for high-volume deployments and does not suffer from interference. No matter how many devices are active in the same area, they will not interfere with one another so performance remains optimal.

SafeDistance technical specifications

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 4.8 x 1.8 cm
  • Weight: 57 grams
  • Sound power: up to 85 dBA
  • Configurable alarm distance (1.5 metres, 2 metres…)
  • Configurable alarms (sound, vibration, LED)
  • Configurable update interval (1.5 seconds, 5 seconds…)
  • Ultra-wideband technology (UWB) for accurate measurements up to <15cm at a high speed
  • Battery life: 2 to 5 days
  • Recharging time: 3 hours
  • Charging current: 500mA
  • With CE and FCC certification


You can adjust the SafeDistance-wearable to your situation. Not only through the different alarms or configurable distance, but also thanks to the two accessories that let you wear the devices the way that suits you best.


Belt clip

With the belt clip, you quickly attach the SafeDistance wearable to your trousers or other pieces of clothing.



With our lanyard you can easily carry SafeDistance around your neck.