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Safety and monitoring

How far apart do colleagues need to be in order to maintain a distance of one and a half or two meters apart? It's diificult to correctly estimate this distance and respect it at all times to ensure everyone's safety. With SafeDistance from Lopos – a spin-off from imec and Ghent University – it is child's play. The wearable device automatically measures and reports distance between employees and warns you if the required distance is not respected.

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Works anywhere

Manufacturing companies

Construction sites


Care and nursing homes

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Public institutions

The SafeDistance wearable is immediately available


  • SafeDistance works both indoors and outdoors.
  • A small, handy wearable
  • You don’t need to attach anything to the wall or ceiling, so there’s no infrastructure cost.
  • The wearables only communicate with each other.
  • You don’t need to install an app.
  • No privacy issues because nothing is saved on a server nor in an app, dashboard, database or anywhere else.

Reliable innovation

The SafeDistance wearable was developed and commercialised by Belgian start-up Lopos, based on R&D by Ghent University and imec. Lopos is a spin-off from imec, Ghent University and the IDLab research group. It was founded in 2019 by a team of engineers and researchers.


Since SafeDistance uses ultra-wideband technology (UWB) instead of Bluetooth, it’s much more accurate and faster. With Bluetooth, the margin of error is 2 to 5 metres, while with UWB it is a maximum of 15 cm. This means SafeDistance really notices the difference between 1.50 m and 1.65 m, whereas Bluetooth only recognises the difference between 1.5 and 3.5 metres at best. If you select 1.65 m distance in your configuration settings, you can be absolutely certain that anyone who comes closer than 1.5 m will be signaled to keep more distance by sound and vibration, and an optional LED light.

Six tips

  1. Give every visitor, customer and employee a SafeDistance wearable at the entrance. Take the wearable back when they leave the premises.
  2. Inform visitors, customers and employees about SafeDistance, and give them a wearable at the entrance. Ask them to leave the device in the designated place when they leave the premises. This same principle is already used by supermarkets for their barcode scanning devices.
  3. Explain why SafeDistance is being used and how it benefits the people you are asking to wear it.
  4. Give a SafeDistance device to wear to everyone in the supermarket, factory, shop, hospital, care home, building site or anywhere.
  5. Explain that everyone at your premises is wearing a SafeDistance device, for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.
  6. SafeDistance operates using a rechargeable battery which lasts for several days. To be absolutely certain it won’t run out, recharge it at the end of every day.

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