Contact tracing

By adding a contact tracing functionality to our SafeDistance wearables, you can quickly alert the employees that have been in contact with someone who tested positive on COVID-19.


How does our contact tracing work?

Linking devices to employees

Lopos provides the SafeDistance devices, which instantly alert the wearers if they get closer than the required distance, and their serial numbers. Every user and their device can be linked to one serial number. When someone tests positive on COVID-19, you can look up their number in the online platform. This visualizes which devices have been in contact with this employee. You can then look up and contact who’s linked to those devices.

Gateway transmission

The SafeDistance wearables register the contact tracing data and send it to a gateway whenever they’re within reach (10 to 20 metres from the gateway). Per building, there needs to be at least one gateway at a strategic location, such as the entrance or exit. It needs to be connected to a power supply and the internet through WiFi, Ethernet or 4G. The gateway then sends the contact tracing data to your online platform, where it’s visualized.

Online platform with statistics

On your online platform, you have access to a dashboard with the contact tracing data. Here you can see which devices have been in close contact and when. You can also see contact statistics (for example how many times people come closer than the required distance) and are able to download the data.

GDPR compliant

The devices register the contact tracing data in an encrypted manner, so that it’s all registered anonymously. The contact tracing data is stored in a central and secure database. If anyone tests positive for COVID-19, the system sends the data of the devices who have been near them, so the right people can be contacted. Lopos does not keep any data of the connection between the serial numbers of the devices and the end users.


Thanks to the SafeDistance wearables, your social distancing is under control. Add the GDPR-compliant contact tracing to your wearables for €2-€7/month per device, and everyone is correctly contacted in time to be quarantined. Besides the access to your online contact tracing platform, also included in this price are regular updates, maintenance, hosting and deployment services.

Why choose our contact tracing platform?


Three alarm types

Contact warning and tracing

The contact tracing data is registered through the SafeDistance wearables, which measure the distance between employees and immediately alert them when they come too close. This way, you are preventing the spreading of COVID-19 twice: by maintaining the correct distance and quickly alerting the right people if someone tests positive.



We use ultra-wideband technology

The SafeDistance wearables use revolutionary ultra-wideband radio technology. Emitting low-energy signals at high speeds and bandwidth, UWB is uniquely suited for a location- and distance-tracking wearable compared to other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth.



Optimal performance

The SafeDistance wearables are optimized for high-volume deployments and do not suffer from interference. No matter how many devices are active in the same area, they will not interfere with one another so performance remains optimal.

Always active

Always active

To ensure social distancing is respected at all times, SafeDistance cannot be switched off while in use as a default. Employees cannot switch the device off to prevent alarms from being triggered if they do not keep their distance. It is only switched off during charging or if it’s not used for a couple of hours.

Long battery life

Long battery life

SafeDistance can remain active for 2 to 5 days on a single battery charge, even when the shortest measurement interval of 1.5 seconds is set. It takes just three hours to fully charge the device with the USB cable supplied. In sleep mode, battery life can last up to several years.


Order your SafeDistance wearables with contact tracing now

You can read more about the SafeDistance wearables, order a free plug-and-play trial kit, or order your own SafeDistance wearables with contact tracing right away by filling out the form or calling us on +32 9 396 60 11.

  • The devices are simply set up, without any installation hassle
  • The wearables are configurable through our free mobile app
  • Accessories include belt clips, lanyards and multichargers
  • The wearables are priced €75-€99 per device
  • You’re adding GDPR-compliant contact tracing to your wearables for €2-€7/month per device, including your online contact tracing platform, regular updates, maintenance, hosting and deployment services.

    You will find more information about what we do with your data in our privacy policy.